Monday, October 13, 2008

why one street at a time?

This is Ncede Street in Extension 9. This is the street in our city where transformation in the township is about to explode. Over the past few months I have had the growing conviction that the township can and will be changed, that the Kingdom of God is coming and will bring whole communities into God's good plans. I also firmly believe it is going to happen one street at a time.

The Church is called to bring transformation as the Church alone can meet all the needs of people - spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, material. NGO's and other organisations may be able to meet one or two, but it is only when local churches are mobilised that they are able to meet all the needs and bring people out of poverty. As a local church we have to take responsibility for the state of the people in our city, all the people! Obviously this can be completely overwhelming, so let's start in this street, with the people who live in this street. Just as a farmer ploughs, plants, waters, and harvests one field so too as we focus ourselves, our time and our resources into one area so development will begin to happen.

Let's begin to dream with God how this one street can change. Imagine solid homes begin to replace broken roofs, windows, and corrograted iron shacks; happy families replace broken, dysfunctional, hurting homes; trees, flowers and vegetable gardens line the streets; little children not running around in the streets on their own all day, but being nurtured and educated! One street can easily be transformed, and as one street changes so the Kingdom will begin to spread to the next street and then the next and then the next!

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